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Liberia addresses Climate Change, launches NAP Project
As part of effort to educate Liberians on the issue of Climate change, Liberia, with funding from the Green Climate Fund, has officially launched the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) project to enhance the fight against nature disaster.
Nairobi hotel: 'Civilians trapped' as DusitD2 siege goes on
A number of civilians are still feared to be trapped in a luxury hotel complex in Nairobi with an attack by suspected militants apparently ongoing.
Pres. Weah exempts LEC from ‘Duty Free, GST on Petroleum Products’…Issues Executive Order 94
MONROVIA,LIBERIA-President George Weah on Tuesday, January 15, 2019, issued Executive Order 94, exempting the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) from duty and General Services Tax (GST) on petroleum products, including GST on special categories of equipment, materials and vehicles used by the corporation in the conduct of its operations, an Executive Mansion release said.
House Votes to X-Ray All Tax Incentive, Concession Agreements
MONROVIA.LIBERIA-The House of Representatives on Tuesday, January 15, 2019, voted to authorize a “Specialized Committee” as part of their oversight responsibility to scrutinize (review) all Tax Incentive and Concession Agreements, which were signed by the government (Executive) and ratified by the legislature in an effort to revive the economy.
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